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Oasis Slimline Hammock Bath : Color – Alabaster : Size – Large – HBO2.0A with overflow


Coming Soon... Allow 10 - 12 weeks for pickup or delivery from order date.

Deposit : $2,975.00 Per item

The Oasis Hammock Bath 
The Oasis hangs between 2 walls (that are built by the contractor) which can be either brick or concrete. These brick or concrete walls should be built on top of a concrete slab and best tied into the concrete slab. The brick wall should be either a double brick wall on each side or a single hollow block wall filled with concrete. The Oasis comes with 2 large steel brackets that gets dyna bolted to the inside of this brick or concrete wall. The brick or concrete wall can be covered with stone or tiles to have a decorative finish. At the base of the Oasis Hammock Bath are 2 semi circle solid surface pieces that join together to cover the drain as the Oasis Hammock Bath is suspended above the floor.
The drain connection is the same as for any free standing bath.

This luxury bath design boasts as the most comfortable deep soaking bath in the world with its unique solid surface material and plush hammock style.

This one of a kind luxurious modern bath appears to be floating in air allowing you to escape your day to day life. With resort lifestyle living in mind this innovative design has the bath volume to allow you to lie back comfortably and relax fully immersed in water.

Its indulgent large bath shape brings unique comfort and style to a bath whilst retaining functionality. The style provides a striking piece of bathroom furniture that is both beautiful and practical.

Made from sturdy and durable solid surface material, which is silken to touch and easy clean and often referred to as “man made stone”.

The Hammock Bath is everything you need from a luxury freestanding bathtub. Solid Surface is a  non absorbent material and is easy to clean.

The Hammock Bath colors are : Alabaster (matt white), Dove (matt grey), Ebony (matt black) and Flower which is a hand painted motif on he outside and matt white on the inside.

The Hammock Bath comes in 2 sizes:

2 metres (78.75″) x 1 metre (39.37″) x 0.65 metres (25.13″) high


1.8 metres (70.86″) x 0.9 metres (34.43″) x 0.58 metres (23.07″) high

The Hammock Bath is molded with solid surface.

The Mirage Hammock Bath comes with overflow which includes a matching color pop up waste.

The Hammock Bath is cUPC approved for compliance in the US and Canada.

Inclusions :

1 x matching solid surface pop up waste is included

Overflow : Yes included

Material : Solid Surface

Color : Alabaster which Matt white finish

Size : This Hammock Bath is the large size 2 metres (78.75″) x 1 metre (39.37″) x 0.65 metres (25.13″)

Note : some lifestyle pictures may not be in the color of the item

The Hammock Bath was a finalist for “The Best of KBIS” awards 2020.

KBIS is The Premier Kitchen & Bath Design Event in Northern America

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 110 × 210 × 80 cm

Spec Sheet


Oasis Hammock Bath HBO2.0 with overflow Spec Sheet



Hammock Bath US imperial e brochure 2020