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The OASIS Steel Frame OSF

This freestanding tub is supported by a steel frame giving it a modern feel. Introducing the Oasis Hammock bathtub. This bath design gives the appearance of a bath floating on an elegant frame that defies logic, making this tub the feature of your bathroom.

Love using your bathroom now enjoy the luxury of the Oasis Hammock Bathtub with the Steel Frame. The Hammock is designed for comfort and the steel frame is created for support and aesthetic enhancement of your bathroom. Kids love bathing in a freestanding hammock bath, and with the inner flat base can be used as a two-person soaker tub as well.

Oasis Steel Frame model OSF2.0 & OSF1.8

The Oasis Steel Frame supports the Oasis Hammock Bathtub at each end and is suitable to use in place of brick or concrete walls. It can be covered by a solid surface box which can also be purchased separately. It is easy to install and is finished in a black powder coat finish. 

OSF2.0 This model suits the large OASIS tub (OHM2.0) which is 2.0 metres long or 78.75″ long model.

OSF1.8 This model suits the small OASIS tub (OHM1.8) which is 1.8 metres long or 70.86″ long model.

MODEL: Oasis Steel Frame OSF

DETAILS: Steel frame supports Hammock Bathtub

MATERIAL: Steel Black Power Coat Finish


OSF 2.0 LARGE: Length: 2000 x Width: 1000 x Height: 651

Open Oasis Steel Frame 2.0m or 70.86″ Product Specifications

OSF 1.8 SMALL: Length: 1800 x Width: 900 x Height: 586

Open Oasis Steel Frame 1.8m or 78.75″ Product Specifications

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