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Hammock Bathtub and Basin Collection

A Hammock bathtub is freestanding modern tub design with a revolutionary difference. It’s floating! This luxury bath design boasts as the most comfortable deep soaking bath in the world with its unique solid surface material and plush hammock style.

This one of a kind luxurious modern deep bathtub appears to be floating in air allowing you to escape your day to day life. With resort lifestyle living in mind this innovative design has the bath volume to allow you and/or another to lie back comfortably and relax fully immersed in water.

Its indulgent large bath shape brings unique comfort and style to a bathtub whilst retaining functionality. The style provides a striking piece of bathroom furniture that is both beautiful and practical.

Made from sturdy and durable solid surface acrylic material, which is silken to touch and easy clean, the Hammock Bath is everything you need from a luxury freestanding bathtub.

Hammock Freestanding Tub the Oasis bath hanging between walls in White Alabaster

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Hammock Bathtub Review

Just though they had nailed the hammock style design, size and materials it was made of. I could have fallen asleep and that was without the water. I think they have designed the perfect bathtub.
Dean Fisher
DIY Builder
I love it, its just so comfortable and like no tub I have been in before. It's a dream for deep soaking baths, and so roomy you can even have two in the bathtub. I just had to have one. A must buy!
Mila Kunis
Wow, I had never seen a bathtub like it, they have thought outside the box with this design. I have purchase one for a very excited client. I have not seen a bath this modern or luxurious.
Stuart Reed
Interior Designer


Melbourne Home Show

In August 2019 The Hammock Bath Company unleashed to the new and innovative collection to the delight of visitors, causing many people to rethink what they want and need from a bathtub.  Visitors to the Melbourne Home Show were amazed by the stunning lines, choice of colours and most of all the comfort that has been absent from bathtub designs until now.

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

On January 21 – 23, 2020 we attended North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is held in Las Vegas. 

We were selected as a finalist for Best of KBIS which is very prestigious.  We were up against the likes of Samsung, Miele and Hansgrohe to name a few. 

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Popular FAQ's

How much is a hammock bathtub?

The price ranges from $5000 to $8000 depending on the size, model, finish and framing.

How do hammock tubs drain?

To drain a hammock tub, once the tub is filled with a floor standing tap the wastewater can be emptied via opening the plug, which drains into downpipe concealed by a solid surface sleeve or pipe sleeve. 


How do hammock baths work?

Hammock baths work by being suspended between two walls, on a frame or freestanding on pedestal. This give the appearance of floating in the air like a hammock. It uses a standing tap to fill the bathtub and once finished the wastewater is emptied via the base and travels through the plug hole into a downpipe concealed by a solid surface sleeve or pipe sleeve matching the design style of the tub. 


What is a hammock bathtub weight capacity?

The large bathtub weight capacity is about 190 litres of water with a depth of 651mm. If you are in the USA the tub takes a weight limit of 50 gallons of water to fill the bath with a depth of 25.63 inches. In other words, to fill the 2-metre or 78.75″ bathtub, you will need to fill it with 190L of bath water or 50 gallons in the USA. The smaller 1800mm hammock bathtub needs 150 litres of water and has a depth of 586mm. In the United States of America, the weight capacity is 39.6g of water to fill the bathtub for the 70.86″ with a depth of 23.1 inches.

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