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Bathtub for kids

Looking for a safe bathtub for kids? Bath time isn’t always fun. Well maybe it is for the kids, with their toys and bubbles, but not so much for the parents. Between the splashing, bending, kneeling, getting them in, pulling them out, slipping, sliding and squeaking against the plastic-like acrylic texture, bath time becomes more of a chore than anything else.

Hammock bathtub with kids having bathtime fun.
Kids having bathtime fun in the Hammock Tub

Well not anymore, thanks to The Hammock Bath. The ultimate luxury bath for the parent in need. Not only is The Hammock Bath incredibly elegant and tranquil for when you and/or your partner need to wind down and relax but it’s also the perfect bath for getting your children clean after a long, messy day.

Here’s why. Firstly, The Hammock Bath has a 20 inch (500mm) flat surface area at the bottom of the bath, meaning that your kids can sit comfortably in the bath without any slipping. That along with the traction of the solid surface material of which The Hammock Bath is made out of means they can have their fun playtime in the bath without the sliding and the squeaking, not to mention the silky feel of solid surface material is loved by all, both adults and children.

bath the children comfortably in the hammock bath
Bathe the children comfortably in the Hammock Bathtub.

Now for you, mum and dad, The Hammock Bath, as the name suggests, is raised off the ground and the hammock shape of the bath means the bottom curves inwards, providing a perfect place to position your knees as you reach over to wash your kids. Less leaning means less strain on your back, which is already strenuous enough when trying to wash a reluctant child’s hair. Along with this, the raised bath makes it exceptionally easier to pick them up and get them in and out of the bath.

Not to mention the ease in which The Hammock Bath is cleaned. The solid surface material used to make The Hammock Bath is as simple to clean as wiping it down with a damp cloth. Seriously, that’s all you’ll need to clean your Hammock Bath. If any scratches or marks do somehow appear, well all you need to do is sand the area down with the supplied sandpaper and it’s as though the mark was never there.

Some people have asked if the Hammock Bath Swings, after all, it is shaped like a hammock, something that is made to swing back and forth.

Well, the answer to that is; No. The Hammock Bath is incredibly stable. It does not swing, it does not move. The Hammock Bath is either bolted securely into a solid wall using large, stainless steel brackets, mounted securely on a metal frame or sitting firmly on its pedestal depending on which model suits you best. There is no risk in The Hammock Bath tipping or falling over, it is safe, reliable and absolutely child friendly.

If you want to bring ease and simplicity to bath time, The Hammock Bath is for you. Save your energy, back and knees by turning bath time from a chore to a lovely, fun experience for both you and your kids to enjoy with The Hammock Bath.