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The Hammock Bath Collection Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my Hammock Bathtub / Basin?

The Hammock Bathtub and Basin is made from durable solid surface material, making it so easy to clean.
Most cleaning can be done by wiping over the bath or basin with a clean, damp soft cloth. If you need to move more stubborn marks a use a mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution.
Do Not use abrasive products or solutions such as a creme cleanser, scourers products containing acid or ammonia.

What do I do if my Hammock tub / basin gets scratched?

The Hammock tubs and basins are made of very durable solid surface material, however if the tub or basin are not treated with some care, there is a risk of scratching the surface. If this does occur it is easy for you to remediate the issue at home:

Alabaster Baths / Basin
• Rinse the surface of the tub to remove any dirt or dust
• Using extra fine sandpaper, rub in small, circular motions to buff out the scratch
• Rub the surface smooth with fine-grit sandpaper
• Wipe off dust with a soft cloth

Dove& Ebony Bath / Basin
• This is a painted surface. Use touch up paint to repair the scratch. Do not use anything abrasive to buff the surface.

What sizes does the Hammock Bath come in?

The Hammock Bath comes in 2 sizes:
• 2 metres long x 1 metre wide x 651mm deep or 78.75 inches in length and 39.37 inches in width and 25.63 inches deep.
• 1.8metres long x 900mm long x 586mm deep or 70.86 inches in length and 34.43 inches in width and 23.1 inches deep.

The Hammock Basin comes in 2 sizes:
• 600mm long x 400mm wide x 180mm deep or 26″ x 15.7″ x 7″.
• 580mm long x 320mm wide x 145cm deep or 20.78″ x 12.6″ x 5.7″.

What is the Hammock Tub/Basin made of?

The Hammock Tub and Basin are made of solid surface material. Solid Surface is a man-made material, composed of a blend of natural minerals and synthetic or plant-based resins. The mixture is seamlessly moulded so that there are no joins in the bath body. The popularity of this material is due to its silken, luxurious texture, durability, strength and ability to hold the heat in the water.
The Alabaster Tub and Basin are pure white and the natural colour of the solid surface. Ebony and Dove baths and basins are fully painted over the solid surface material by a special adhesive paint for use on solid surface materials. The Flower Bathtub and Hammock Basin are hand-painted on the outside surface and alabaster on the inside.
Solid surface can come in different qualities. We use top quality solid surface material to guard against fading and discolouring.

Does the Hammock tub keep the heat in the bath?

Solid surface material is renowned for its ability to maintain heat, it provides superior thermal insulation providing the best heat retention for longer hotter baths. The bathtub is designed with thick stone resin walls and base to make it hotter for longer. When compared to other bathtub surfaces there is no match for the Hammock tub keeping the heat in your bath.

Will the bath fade or change colour?

No. The warranty covers issues with colour changes.

Could you provide an apron front solution for the basin?

The beauty of the Basin is in the floating design. An apron front is not available as this would hide the outside line of the Hammock Basin.

Do you have a heated Hammock model?

At this stage there are no models with added heating. However solid surface material is renowned for good heat retention.

Do you have a spa/air/bubble/whirlpool bath model?

Currently there is no spa model of the Hammock.

Is there an overflow for the Hammock Basin or Bathtub?

We do offer an option for an overflow. For the ultimate in clean lines the Hammock Bathtub with designed without overflow hole. An overflow hole does mean the water line is lower for some people bathing. To ensure that there are no issues with with flooding in the bathroom we strongly recommitted adequate drainage in the bathroom and ensure that all plumbing works are completed by a registered and qualified plumber.

In the US The Hammock Bath does come with an overflow as this is generally a requirement throughout the US.
In Australia The Hammock Bath is available with overflow or no overflow.

How many people fit in the Hammock Bathtub?

Two adults can comfortably fit in the Hammock Bathtub. Three children can easily fit in the bath.

Does the Bathtub swing or move?

Once installed as per the instructions, the Bathtub is stable and will not move, ensuring the stability and safety of using the bath. Furthermore, maintaining the stability of the Hammock ensures that the water does not splash out due to movement of the structure.

Are there any other colours available?

The colours we provide are Alabaster (matt white), Dove (light grey), Ebony (matt black) and Flower (hand painted exterior & matt white inside). There are some other non-standard colours available. Ask us for more information by emailing us at or call Michael on 0419995504

What is a hammock bathtub weight capacity?

The large hammock bathtub weight capacity is about 190 litres of water with a depth of 651mm. If you are in the USA the Hammock bathtub takes a weight limit of 50 gallons of water to fill the bath with a depth of 25.63 inches. In other words to fill the 2-metre or 78.75″ hammock tub your will need to fill it with 190L of bath water or 50 gallons in the USA.

The smaller 1800mm hammock bathtub needs 150 litres of water and has a depth of 586mm. In the United States of America, the weight capacity is 39.6g of water to fill the bathtub for the 70.86″ with a depth of 23.1 inches.

What is the weight of the Hammock tub?

The weight of the hammock baths are 140kg. If you are in America the weight of the hammock bathtubs are 308 pounds.

Do I need a special installer to install the Hammock tub?

No. Trades that install any tub can install the Hammock tub. Installation instructions are included with your purchase. Please discuss installation with us to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken to support the bathtub.

Is the height of the Hammock Bath adjustable?

The beauty of the Hammock Bath is the floating quality of it and there are no hidden legs. The Oasis tub can be hung at your specified height, but keep in mind how you will step in/out of the bath. A support under the bath is required. A standard size is supplied with the bath. If you need a different height, please discuss your needs with us so that we can have the support manufactured to your needs.

The Haven Hammock comes with a custom made frame. Please discuss the height you require if it is different to the standard size.

The Mirage freestanding bathtub is a standard height and cannot be adjusted.

Does the Hammock Bathtub Have adjustable hidden legs to level the tub?

There is no need for hidden legs on the Hammock Bathtub. Like most freestanding tubs, ensure that the ensure that your floor is level. When installing the Oasis ensure that the brackets are level on each end of the bathtub.

How do I install the Hammock Basin?

The Hammock Basin is installed like any other above counter basin.

Will the Hammock Bathtub fit through a standard door?

To fit the Hammock bathtub through a standard door, tip it on its side and carefully move it through the door. Remember that the tub is heavy and will require a few strong helpers to support it as it is moved into the bathroom for installation.

Can the Hammock Bath or Basin be installed outside?

Definitely, though we only recommend that the Alabaster Hammock Bath / Basin is used outside. The Dove and Ebony Bath/ Basin have a painted finish that exposed to nature such as hail, branches, twigs etc. is likely to scratch or chip. The warranty on the finish of these colours is void if installed outdoors.

How can I get the Hammock Bath to my home?

You have the options of pick up or delivery. At pick up at our warehouse, the bath will be loaded on to your truck or trailer via fork lift.
Delivery can be organised at an extra cost. A quote for the cost can be made at the time of placing your order. Please note that delivery is from our warehouse to the delivery address. You must provide the means to take the bath off the truck and into your home. We cannot take your bath upstairs.

How long does it take to get the hammock bath or basin delivered?

Your new Hammock Bath and Basin is custom made to order. Your new bath/basin takes approximately 10-12 weeks to manufacture and have ready for you. More specific dates will be available for you when you make your order.

Can I pick the Hammock Bath?

Sure. To ensure that your new bath is ready for you, please make an appointment to pick up your new Hammock Bath from The Hammock Bath Company warehouse at Factory 22 / 23-25 Bunney Road Oakleigh South, Victoria. Call Michael on 0419995504 or email to make a time.

How do I purchase my Hammock Bath / Basin?

To purchase your Hammock Bath / Basin, please place your order either via email or call Michael on 0419995504. Phone orders will be confirmed in writing via email. Alternatively, you can visit the showroom at Factory 22 / 23-25 Bunney Road, Oakleigh South, Victoria and place your order face to face.

How long does it take for my Hammock Bath / Basin to arrive?

Your new Hammock Bath and Hammock Basin is custom made to order. Your new bath/basin takes approximately 10-12 weeks to manufacture and have ready for you. More specific dates will be available for you when you make your order.

Do we hold stock of Hammock Baths / Basin?

Occasionally limited baths/basins are available for immediate purchase and pickup/delivery. You can ask us which baths/basins are in currently in stock by emailing or call Michael on 0419995504

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the bath / basin?

Yes. 5 years manufacturers warranty.

What does the warranty / guarantee cover?

All the Hammock collection carry a warranty against faulty workmanship, provided that the installation, use and maintenance are in accordance with the instruction supplied.
The warranty on the alabaster Hammock Baths and Basins covers against yellowing, manufacturer faults and cracking (not including cracks or damage due to mishandling of the product).
The warranty on the dove & ebony hammock Baths and Basins covers against manufacturer faults and cracking (not including cracks of damage due to mishandling of the product). Warranty does not include chipping or colour fading.

What is a hammock bathtub weight capacity?

The large hammock bathtub weight capacity is about 190 litres. In other word to fill the 2-metre hammock tub your will need to fill it with 190L of water or 50 gallons of water.
The smaller 1800mm hammock bathtub needs 150 litres of water or 39.6g of water to fill the bath.

Do you offer returns on the Hammock bath or basin?

Pre-order or backorders can not be refunded once the deposit has been paid. Any in stock purchase that has not been delivered can be refunded less a 25% restocking fee. If an order has been delivered then it can not be returned unless agreed by The Hammock Bath Company.

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