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Why Choose Stone Resin also call Solid Surface Material
and what is it made of?

Why choose stone resin or solid surface material? Why not stone? Or acrylic? Simply put; it’s better. But what makes it better?

To understand that, you first need to understand what solid surface material actually is. Often referred to as stone resin or ‘man made stone’,  solid surface material at its core is a mix of acrylic, epoxide or polyester resin mixed with powdered bauxite filler and pigments, essentially creating a material that is stronger, more durable with a nicer to the touch feel than most materials that are used for similar purposes.

Now, what exactly makes it better?

For one, it’s the quality and price when compared to a materials like carbon fibre and the weight of natural stone. Solid surface material is easy and quick to manufacture, meaning the savings in cost get passed down onto the consumer.  Stone resin material makes it possible to provide a high level of luxury and comfort that The Hammock Bath provides at such a great price. Similar materials such as stone would drive up the price substantially, whereas cheaper materials such as acrylic would simply not match the elegance and quality you get from solid surface material. Solid-surface material is incredibly pleasant and silky to the touch and with its clean, matte look it’s simply one of the most beautiful materials around, both visually and to the touch. Simply run your hand across one of our baths and you’ll instantly understand why solid surface material is a leading industry standard.

What about cleaning stone resin?

Another unique quality of solid surface material is the ease of cleaning it. Whilst some materials require a fair bit of grunt work to get that sparkling shine, the solid surface material is quick and easy. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and you are as good as new. A quick sanding, using the ultra-fine sandpaper provided, will remove stubborn marks or scratches. Very few materials exhibit this quality and it’s fairly understood that consumers are looking for something of quality that is quick and easy to clean and maintain. The Hammock Bath is made from a singular mould, meaning those hard to reach nooks and crevices that make cleaning such a chore are non-existent. This is a major benefit you get when you use solid surface material.

Why should I buy a stone resin bathtub or sink?

All in all, solid surface is affordable yet luxurious, easy to manufacture yet incredibly durable, soft to the touch yet easy to clean. It provides a level of comfort that is unmatched by any other material at a price that you can’t get from any other material of the same quality. It cleans, feels and looks better than most materials all while keeping costs low. So why choose solid surface? Simply put; it’s better, solid surface is a high-end product, used for quality baths and vanity basins.